internalizationNigeria is a blessed country with abundant natural resources and human capital; however it is rather worrying that over 80% of the populace live below the poverty line.

If you flip through  television channels or read the newspapers, we Nigerians are masters at articulating the ills and problems of the nation; we hear the usual rhetoric about bad governance, poor policies, corruption and other societal bane that cripple us as a nation; but when asked what we are specifically doing to effect a change most Nigerians often times have no concrete response.

Great countries are built by the collective will and self-believe of its people, a paradigm I choose to call “Internalization” – It is the consciousness that what you have is all you need to create or add value that leads to a change in your circumstances and your sphere of influence.

Internalization ultimately goes against the common mentality that lays all the responsibility on external forces and factors like the government, our upbringing, society and family background without taking responsibility to effecting a change with available resources.

Malaysia came to Nigeria and borrowed essential Palm Seedlings to cultivate in their country, today, Malaysia is one of the big exporters of products made from Palm seeds. From our own resource they became one of Asia’s leading economies in a span of 40 short years. We can achieve much more with the numerous material and human resource currently underutilized.

When we take our destiny into our hands, look around us and apply ourselves using the materials available to us, we unlock previously unidentified opportunities, open new markets and effect a positive changes that uplift our circumstances and our society, and this is what the Builders  Hub Impact Investment Program (BHIIP) seeks to achieve!

Da, pomanjkanje seksa je problem sam, vendar so resnični vzroki običajno globlje. Nerešena vprašanja o povezava v blogu ali denarju so spodbudila čustvena nesoglasja med partnerji. Če je primer natančno v seksu, je težava pogosto v strahu pred moškim, ki ne bo mogel pokazati sebe in žensk – kar bo ostalo spolno nezadovoljno.